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Outhouses to white houses, we inspect them all
Covey Inspections is a one-stop shop for all of your inspection needs. Specializing in residential and commercial properties along with a host of ancillary services to meet all your needs. Email, call, or fill out the appropriate form today to get the process started. We look forward to serving you.

Why hire Covey Home and Commercial Inspections

Thank you for visiting Covey Home & Commercial Inspection, I am Don Covey, owner/operator. CHCI is a veteran owned and operated company focused on providing a top shelf inspection for your home and business. So why pick me over the others?
  • Attention to detail-My primary job in the Navy was submarine navigation. Safe navigation requires attentiveness to ensure there are no hazards in the way. I bring the same attention to detail to your home or commercial inspection ensuring that you’re home or business is safe and profitable.
  •  Experience-I have over 20 years in the maintenance of military, residential, commercial, and industrial settings. I have seen the right way to make repairs and other ways that put life and property in danger. Let me inspect your property to ensure that it is safe and secure.
  • In your shoes-I had a home inspection completed that missed a roof leak and rotted soffits. A new paint job hid it and cracks over doorways indicating the crack in the slab foundation. My goal is to not have anyone go through that same ordeal. 
  • Certified-I am certified through Internachi, a highly respected home inspection company. Find them at
  • Fully Insured-Florida only requires general liability insurance for their home inspectors. I carry $300,000 E&O along with general liability.  
  • Next day reports-All residential reports are generated the next day. Most commercial reports are also generated next day. 


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Residential- An inspection is expected to last three hours. 
                     up 2250 sq ft-$350
                    2250-2500 sq ft-$425
                    Over 2500 sq ft-$475
Commercial- Depends on type and size of structure. Please call, email, or fill out the commercial form to have a personal quote provided.
Outbuilidngs- This term extends to any structure not connected to the main building. an attached garage would be considered part of a     
                       residential structure. A detached garage would be considered an outbuilding.
                       All other structures will be priced according to their purpose and size. Please call, email, or fill out the commercial form to    
                       have a personal quote provided.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy 
A booking can be cancelled up to 48 hours before the agreed date with complete refund. Within 48h to 12h half of the refund will be issued and from 12 hours before the appointment no refund will be made.

All payment is done online, you will receive an email link for online payment and a confirmation email once it has gone through. 

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